Rats are one of the first creatures that people envision when you mention rodents. Rats are often found in and around farms, gardens, open fields and even homes and other buildings. It’s essential to your safety to recognize when you should seek rat management services because rats can have a hugely destructive impact on their environments. If you observe rats in your garden, yard or other landscaping, it’s very likely that they will soon invade your home. Rats are an incredibly invasive species.

Rats are active throughout the entire year, so it is important to take notice of rat problem symptoms so that you can address the issue immediately. Not only will  rats seek out any sources of food to devour, but they also contaminate anything left uneaten. Much like mice, rats can do significant damage to your home and belongings because they gnaw on wood; however, the tooth marks left by rats are much larger. Baby rats are often mistaken for mice, but don’t be deceived! By ignoring a rat infestation, you are risking serious structural damage to your property, which can create hazardous living conditions and rack up a huge repair bill.

In addition to property damage, rats can threaten the well-being of people and animals. Even rats can transmit disease and parasites easily. In fact, most believe that the Black Plague in medieval times spread like rapid-fire due to rats and their fleas. That should serve as warning enough that rats are trouble! Even if you probably won’t contract the Black Plague, you should protect yourself from any other potential health problems that can be caused by rats.

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