A Pest-Free Winter: Our Top 5 Tips For Easy Winter Pest Control

We all look forward to the holidays, but let’s be honest: winter is a busy time of year. Between traveling, hosting family and friends, caring for children home for winter break, and more, the holidays are jam packed. The last thing you need is one more item on your to-do list.

We understand how you feel, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 super easy tips. Controlling pests during the wintertime doesn’t have to be time consuming, complicated, or expensive. By following these quick and simple tips, you’ll keep your home pest free all winter long. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Keep your Space Clean
    The cleaner your home is, the lower the chances that you’ll end up with pest problems. This is true year round, but it’s especially important to keep in mind come wintertime. When there’s less food available for pests elsewhere, they’re more likely than ever to invade your home in search of something to eat. Tidy up your kitchen, ensure that food is stored in sealed containers, and be sure your trash stays covered.
  2. Seal Openings
    Winterizing your home can go a long way towards keeping out pests. Plus, you’ll cut down on your energy bill by eliminating points of entry for cold air. Take the time to go around the outside of your home and check for openings around windows and doors. Seal up any openings that are larger than a quarter of an inch, as pests can fit through very small spaces.
  3. Pay Attention to Moisture Levels
    Pests need water just like we do, which is why so many pests are drawn to wet areas. If your garage, basement, or attic is moist, you’re more likely to end up with wintertime pests there. Consider adding a dehumidifier to these areas if moisture is an issue. If there’s a leak of some kind that’s resulting in standing water, you’ll likely need to deal with the source of the problem.
  4. Store Firewood Away from Your Home
    Bugs and rodents love to make their homes in a pile of firewood. Although it’s common practice to stack firewood right up against the outside of your house, this isn’t a good idea: it’s a surefire way to invite pests into your home. Keep your firewood stored away from your home, and you’ll be far less likely to encounter pest problems.
  5. Shake It Off
    Do you store holiday decorations in your garage or an outdoor storage building? If so, it’s important to inspect them for pests before bringing them inside. Shake out bags and inspect containers for bugs before you carry them into your home.


When To Call The Professionals

These 5 tips can go a long way towards preventing wintertime pests. But what if you already have a pest issue on your hands? Don’t worry: Safetech Pest Control is here to help!