As winter approaches, you may be wondering just how necessary pest control is during the colder months. While cutting winter pest control might seem like a smart idea to save money in the short-term, you could end up regretting that decision later on. It turns out that cold weather won’t stop those pests from settling down and multiplying in your walls and the other corners of your home.

  1. Your Home is Cozy
    The winter is a wonderful time to get warm by the fire. You know who else loves keeping warm during these chilly months? Insects! It turns out that many pests thrive at the same temperature we do. Even though the walls and floorboards of your home aren’t as warm as the living room, they’re a much better habitat for rodents and insects than the bleak outdoors. Don’t let your house become a safe haven for pests this winter.
  2. Rodents
    Rodents can be a huge problem in the winter months. Without a steady supply of food or warm places to sleep, many rodents look to our homes for shelter. You may think your house is sealed, but mice and rats will take advantage of even the smallest openings. Some rats can fit into holes the size of a quarter, while mice can squeeze under a gap no thicker than a pencil.

Once they gain access, rodents are incredibly hard to get rid of. Not only do they carry diseases, but they’ll also chew apart electrical wires, weaken your wooden beams, and nest in your insulation. Make sure you have adequate rodent control before winter comes in full force. This will save you from a headache later on.

  1. Wood Destroying Insects
    Insects such as carpenter ants and termites can cause serious, expensive, and unseen damage during the winter if you skip your pest control routine. They can easily go unnoticed until the next time you hire professional service — or until the damage is irreparable. These pests don’t pause during winter, and neither should you! Getting a professional to look at your home can save you time, money, and stress.
  2. Locate and Treat Any Dormant Pest Issues
    If you do decide to service your home with pest control on a quarterly basis, you can rest assured knowing you’ve caught any lurking pest issues before they get out of hand. It’s easy for many pests to go unnoticed in rarely used spaces like attics or basements and then invade your living spaces. Once they invade, they can run rampant and require the services of a professional.
  3. Prevent Future Problems
    Winter is the time to build your defenses and prevent future problems. When spring arrives you’ll feel safe and secure knowing that you took the winter pest control steps necessary to ensure a safe, pest-free home. Use the cold months as a time to check for any seals or entry points that need to be serviced. Furthermore, winter is the most important time to ensure there aren’t pests lying dormant in your home, ready to come out in force as the weather warms.
  4. Keep your family healthy, happy, and comfortable
    Winter is the time when pests are the most desperate for food and water. No one likes black widow spiders crawling on them or rats pillaging their cabinets and nesting in the oven insulation. In the search for food, these pests could end up biting someone or spreading disease to you and your family. Make sure you keep your family comfortable and safe with SAFETECH Pest Control this winter.


Winter and Pest Control

While you may think that pest control is limited to the warmer months, winter is the time you need to be most vigilant. Without timely pest treatment, any pest can turn into a serious, and potentially dangerous problem. Contacting a professional service like Safetech Pest Control makes it quick and easy to ensure your home is safe this winter. Give us a call today!