What’s more they can introduce harmful pathogens to your business. ¬†When you contact SAFETECH PEST CONTROL for fly control, your specialist will design a custom-tailored fly suppression program that includes:

  • Strategic, exterior preventative treatments
  • Compactor and dumpster baiting
  • Installation of Insect Light Traps (ILTs)

ILTs use ultraviolet light bulbs to draw flies to a non-toxic sticky board inside.  These discreet traps can be used, not only to trap pests, but also monitor and identify the source of flying pest activity.




Some of the smallest flies can cause the biggest problems for businesses.

Fruit, Phorid, moth and other common “small fly” infestations can help lead to lost business, contamination or regulatory action. As with any successful pest management program, removing the conditions that attract flies is crucial to reducing the change of an infestation. Keeping your facility clean is an essential part of any fly control program, but sometimes it’s not enough. Witt takes a scientific approach to fly control that targets the elements flies need for survival. Our Bioremediation service, uses beneficial biological organisms to help remove debris and contaminants, and helps to minimize fly breeding sites and food sources.


We use natural soil bacteria that are tailored for waste digestion.


The bacteria eats the scum where flies breed and can be applied in hard to reach areas or through welded drain covers.

Bioremediation is an environmentally responsible, pesticide-free solution – using natural-occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria to safely dissolve buildup.


Under our program, our technicians will treat all potential fly feeding and breeding sites with our specially formulate microbial product on a scheduled, routine basis. Such areas may include:

  • Underneath food service equipment, prep sinks, carts and kick plates
  • Counters, bars, soda lines, etc.
  • Along wall coving or grout lines at baseboards
  • Floor drains and plumbing lines
  • Any other areas identified by our technicianssa