Fleas are some of the most common and annoying pests found throughout the United States. These dark red-brown parasites have a set of long back legs which they use to quickly jump from host to host. Flat at first, fleas increase in size after feeding on blood, and can be 1/12” to 1/6” of an inch in length. While most commonly found on animals such as dogs and cats, fleas bite humans too, which can result in itchy and painful red bumps.

Fleas often migrate into the home on pant legs or pets and can carry diseases such as murine typhus and the bubonic plague, which they pick up from infected rats and other wild animals. Additionally, fleas can cause allergic reactions in both animals and humans. These pests are often the cause of tapeworms and anemia in household pets. To avoid high veterinary bills and painful bites, make sure you vacuum and clean your home often. Keep your pets clean, and walk them on a leash as often as possible.